Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take these courses at my own pace?

Yes! All of our courses are designed to guide you through one month at a time (about 2-5 hours of reading, live instruction, practice and evaluations per week.) However, you can go faster or slower, whatever works best for you, there is no penalty for taking your time 🙂 You are encouraged to allow your intuition guide your experience. Each course offers unlimited technical support and email student support to help you to stay on track & focused.

If I pay right now can I start taking the course right away or do I have to wait for it to officially begin?

We begin all of our courses on a Semester calendar. Fall begins September 1st., Spring begins March 1st., Summer begins July 1st.

How will the courses be run?

Each course has it’s own course portal that gives you access to the weekly streaming videos, audio and reading which you can experience from your computer, IPad, phone, or other compatible mobile device at your convenience…as many times as you like!. Also in the course portals are all class resources, calendars for discussion groups and mentoring. Once you register, you’ll be able to watch the class videos, download the reading materials, register for group discussions and contact student support, all at your convenience. So all you need to do is find a quiet space wherever you like; on your sofa, at the beach, or in your backyard, and log in whenever its convenient for you!

I am already a health or healing practitioner and I am interested in offering your courses to my clients, can I do this?

YES, but you must enroll in a Certification course or a Certification track! All of our courses have eternal access to all of the training materials including videos and all resources are yours to keep forever & watch & refer to as many times as you like! In the Certification courses and tracks you have the permission of Indigo International after you have completed the course to use these materials in your own practice. If you plan to the use them, you must properly credit Indigo International. More details on how to do this are inside the Transcendent Business Practicum Course.