Happy Sun in Gemini Master Beings of Love and Light!

We have all collectively moved into alignment with the element of Air, and I feel the movement, the change that air always brings very alive at the moment. I am honored to be alive and to have been born into a life full of blessings and safety and to be doing this work. I feel guided to share a story with you, in honor of this holy season in which we are called to honor each other as ‘messengers of light’.

Over the past few weeks, I have experienced a true death of my past self and a very visceral experience of being born into a new physical form through this energetic transformation. I did not expect or plan for this death to occur, although, looking back, I definitely felt it and saw it coming. I remember speaking about it for months but in this prophetic way that even I did not understand. Many times words come from me that are really coming from beyond me, and I know they are aligned with truth, but my frontal cortex doesn’t always synthesize it all in the moment. Right before it happened, I could feel it coming, I felt anxiety for no reason, I was tense for weeks, my inner tension and anxiety had been heightened. Then a series of heightened outside events occurred that called for my action in a new way and increased my inner tension to a state that required me to make passage into a new energetic space. To enter this new space a new alignment was occurring within me that caused an almost unbearable tension for me. It almost felt like I was getting ready to jump off of a cliff, I knew it, I was preparing for it, and I could not see what I was jumping into.

I, as usual, had no concrete awareness that I was being led through a gateway of light. Through a series of events that unfolded both in my work here at Pleiadian Institute and in the physical space that I am living in that were beyond my control, I walked through this portal of death and rebirth. I can only describe it as both filled with the most immense kind of pressure, like the kind of pressure you feel giving birth, so much pressure you feel like your bones will surely explode, but then there is this release and this joy and peace and beauty on the other side.

I felt surrounded the entire time by this extended family of light. The entire experience has been unfolding over the past several weeks, and every day, multiple times a day, through the pressure, I have been receiving nothing but messages of unconditional love. It has been such a deep realization for me how important it is for us as we travel through great transitions into new forms that we surround ourselves with nothing but love. It is not a time to focus on what is wrong, but rather a time to pour all of our focus into what is right. 

Of all of the messages that came to me, the most repeated was, “All that is not love is a call for love”. We are always being given the opportunity to meet another with love. It is the greatest work we have to do here as lightworkers, for there can be no light without love, and love is both a choice and a practice, and it is all we need to surround ourselves with as we transition into this new place in our lives together!!

I also felt this increasing awareness of every problem that was occurring, all at once. It was both overwhelming and clarifying to have all ‘problems’ clear. I have been guided over and over again to step back and get on my ‘high flying carpet’ in my own vortex of light before working on the solutions. From this place I was guided over and over to love my own ‘mistakes’, my ‘shadow’ and what could be perceived as ‘wrong’. I have been hearing daily, ‘It’s ok, Aimee, keep going, right action, one at a time.” It has been both the most beautiful and challenging experience. I am just awakening into my newly birthed body, I am moving slow but simultaneously crystal clear and energized for this new form.

In the midst of this spiritual transformation, we have been transforming our portals in alignment with our LPHR Competency Model. If you are active in your program, you may have had a conversation with your Student Success Coach about the new Competency Model or stumbled across some of these updates recently including our new Masterclass & livestream pages. This also includes the e-orientation series that includes an introduction to our two new spaces where you will be practicing with us, Indigo Meditation & Indigo Clinic.

If you did not have a conversation with your Student Success Coach and have not stumbled across anything in your program portal, we have emails that are being delivered to all students today to walk you through this new supportive structure. Make sure that you have a Student Success Meeting scheduled for June to set you up for alignment with your coursework over the summer. Our coaches take off eight weeks from July 1st – August 31st for a holiday and training. You can also schedule a 15 minute Student Success Check-In or schedule a meeting during Office Hours with quick questions.

I also want to share here that our Student Support has been overwhelmed with emails and tickets in LiveChat, and our volunteer team has synchronistically experienced real displacement since the COVID pandemic due to shifting home responsibilities and loss of primary incomes, so that we are working with about only 1/2 of the volunteers that we were working with in the beginning of the year. If you have the time and energy to volunteer, did you know that you can volunteer as a student and earn AMAZING benefits including holistic health treatments, credits for healing tools at OM Apothecary, and tuition credit here at Pleiadian Institute?! Also, some of the volunteer positions offer cash stipends! And you can work with me 😉 It’s a win, win :):) You can explore the open volunteer positions and send an email in for any position that seems like a good fit!!

As for this moment in time, I feel we are all being called to align with our light. One of my favorite mantras that I repeat all the time to myself is, “Miracles are made in light and light and strength are one.” This means we cannot be strong, or expect miracles if we focus upon what is ‘wrong’ or ‘dark’. Strength comes from focusing on the light. Miracles require light, which begins in our mind. Our breath is the vehicle that brings the light, the strength and the Miracles into the cells of our bodies. Luckily for us, our job here literally begins with the practice of breathing frequencies of light into our cells. I am with you in spirit immersed deeply in my own practice of breathing high vibrational high into my awakening lightbody everyday!

Namasté, Aimee