Happy Summer Solstice & (almost) Cancer Season Master Beings of Love and Light!

Are you ready to open to receive the divine feminine in all of her power and glory!? The sun moves into Cancer today AND we have 2 new moons in Cancer in the next 30 days, one tomorrow on June 21st, and one on July 20th. I feel like this entire year has been ruled by the energy of the Goddess, and this next month she is in her glory 🙂

The new moon tomorrow is also a solar eclipse, and there is another lunar eclipse on July 4th. Eclipses always come in pairs and always bring transformation and insight. This alignment with Cancer pours light into our emotional body and helps us to integrate that energy deeply into our bodies, minds and how we express ourselves on Earth.

I feel a powerful rising of the divine feminine surging up within all of us, it gives me goosebumps and sends a rush of energy through my body daily!!

To me, it feels like many of us have accepted that this is ‘the way it is’ in many different areas of life. It almost feels like a worn-down kind of energy, like a collective tiredness with the way things are. This new energy is stirring up our emotional body and recalibrating it with divine light. Our emotional bodies are key indicators of our connection with divine light. Many of us have been feeling emotionally that something needs to change, but have not had specific motivation or a plan to create that change. If something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, this series of alignments is going to help us to see how we can harness our energy to make it right! There will be great recalibrations that happen after this period, so allow yourself time to process and get ready for ACTION! The cosmic alignment for the rest of this year supports your ACTION in alignment with your divine light. If you are not moving, you will feel discomfort in a big way. I, of course, LOVE this energy, as I love change and movement! I am with you in spirit, I feel myself in full recalibration mode already, as I often feel the energy of eclipses and moons before they hit us on Earth! We were born for this!

Here at Pleiadian Institute, we have had our own recalibration with what was not ‘feeling right’. Here are our updates:

1. The month for us is all about realigning our video Masterclasses & Livestreams. We began in the Spring with a live schedule, and if you attended any of our live Masterclasses, you know they were a fail for us. Our recording equipment and live software were not compatible and we froze up over and over. When we finally got it together, we decided that our setup was not going to deliver the quality that we needed. We decided to tape all of our videos in advance and upload them instead. We never sent our any school-wide emails about the Masterclasses & Livestreams, as they were in test mode. You can expect emails that will share the Masterclass & Livestream schedules and links to watch the videos this week, as well as a link to the Masterclass & Livestream Archive, where you can view all past Masterclasses & Livestreams.

2. The Orientation Video Series will be delivered to all students with our updated Course Catalog & Student Handbook, which has been newly updated to accompany the Orientation Series. I taped the Orientation for students back in March, but they were never released, then we added the LPHR Competency Model, and then the new Student Handbook. We then had to record the Orientation all over again. You can expect the videos to appear in both the library and your program portals over the next week. We will send emails to all students once they are live.

3. Our USUI Reiki Master Training Program portal opens on June 29th., and we also begin a regular series of Reiki Shares open to all Reiki practitioners and those in training! The Reiki shares begin in July, and I will be sharing more details with everyone in the upcoming weeks!

4. We are entering our school-wide holiday and training months here at Pleiadian Institute. Beginning July 1st, we enter our school holiday until July 31st. Then from August 1st – August 31st, all teachers, coaches, volunteers, and staff at Pleiadian Institute will be moving through our annual professional development & training. We will return refreshed and ready to rise higher in the first week of September. If you have not met with your coach in June, schedule an appointment now, so that you have a plan as you move through these 2 months. During July & August our Student Support is still available via email and chat, it is best that you meet with your coach so that you have a solid plan.

5. Finally, I want to share with you a story that came back to me over the past week, and is calling for me to share it, so I typed it up for you. This is the story of the Rainmaker, told by C.G. Jung. I encourage you to read it three times, each time the story will teach you something new! It has been inspiring me all week!! Enjoy, THE RAINMAKER.

I LOVE this time of year. I LOVE the energy that is shifting! I love that every day that I breathe the light deeply into my body I feel more connected than ever. There is no better feeling than getting naturally high from connecting to divine rays of light and breathing that light through every cell in your body! We are ALL blessed to be alive, and I am more grateful than ever to be doing this work with you! I am grateful for the role we are all playing as rainmakers for our beautiful Mother Earth right now!

Namasté, Aimee