There is a saying, ‘The breakdown is always before the breakthrough‘, and this perfectly summarizes the moment in time as we enter this exciting new year together! I personally am picking up the pieces from the breakdown while simultaneously visioning and putting the structure in place for the breakthrough. 

I am typing this from my son’s computer, which I have on loan for the past 2 weeks. Just as I finished creating and filming more content than ever before, and just as I finished my first week of student meetings for the Fall, my computer stopped working. During that same week, we had several key volunteers that help in the production leave their positions and entire audio and video production support team left their positions. This resulted in zero volunteers working in those positions. In the weeks before that I met with a series of students who were visibly angry at a part of the program that was not working for them. I really internalized their anger and felt that it was hard for me to release it. The moment the computer died, I heard, ‘stop’. I had to step back and stop all outside connections to attend to what was broken. If you are waiting for an email from me, this is why. I consciously decided to stop outside interactions and focused all of my energy on positive solutions which included finishing uploading and editing all of our content and orientations.

The computer that died is the one I started Pleiadian Institute on, right after my son was born, almost 10 years ago now! And it has been interesting as I have been in retreat this summer, creating our new curriculum and training. I have been feeling that this year I feel like I am starting all over again, but from the strongest place ever. 

There were a series of moments, right before my computer stopped working properly when I could feel something was wrong. When it died I realized that it was actually a blessing. I will have a new computer soon and I have let go of so much of my past that I needed to let go of. I had to take all of the files off of it and I realized that there was all of this energy from the past that was heavy on the computer. My son’s computer is as light as a feather, the name of the computer literally, has the name ‘Air’ in it! This has very much been a symbolic death of the past for me. Yes, it has been messy, it has made me very uncomfortable, and it happened at the most inopportune moment, but it forced me to think quickly and to forgive myself extra. I realized this is all what happens during an initiation!

What I know for sure is that lightbody activation is an initiation. It initiates light into all areas of your life. Are you holding onto something that is no longer serving your highest self? You may find yourself forced to let go. Sometimes you can’t bring yourself to let go of something until it ‘breaks down’. That is part of the initiation. I find that the breakdown/breakthrough cycle is part of the initiation process. I speak extensively about the initiation that occurs in the lightbody activation process in the second orientation series below!

This summer was actually full of breakdowns and breakthroughs for me, which I will talk about more in the future, as I am moving through a pivotal initiation in my own life and this led to many of the innovations in the structure of our programs you will find moving forward. I truly believe that a ‘breakdown’ is just like illness and disease, it shows up so that we pay closer attention to an area that needs us. It is an opportunity to pour love into an area of our life, or into our bodies and minds. Luckily for me, I love healing! I have had alot to keep me busy just healing my life and the structures at Pleiadian Institute and within our new Indigo Meditation spaces and Indigo Clinic. 

What I want to share with you is that if you are reading these words, you are entering a series of initiations into the light. This lightbody activation process is leading you through a series of initiations. Here is what the ancient mystery school teachers told us about this process; there is a responsibility equal to the gift that lies at the heart of the light and it can be found in the initiation. An initiation may seem like something is ‘broken’ at first, it may appear as a ‘limit’ or an ‘obstacle’. What we learn through the lightbody activation process is that shining the light on any obstacle, limit, illness or disease will always show us the way out, around and back to the light. We just need to keep our focus on the light, pay attention, and follow where it leads. In this way, the light ‘heals’ by showing us the way back to the light!

My final inspiration for you in this story is about Joshua. My brother’s name is Joshua and I have recently studied the Bible story Joshua as part of my priestess training. Joshua was Moses’s assistant. After Moses dies, Joshua is given the job of completing Moses’s journey to lead the persecuted people out of the land they were being persecuted in. Joshua’s story teaches us that with faith repeated seven times miracles happen. Joshua’s destiny was to lead a persecuted group of people to safety against great odds. He asked God for help and the answer was, have faith for seven days, march around the city, blow trumpets, believe that victory is so, but do not fight, instead proclaim your love for the light. Then on the seventh day, victory will come to you. It was a big deal that Joshua chose NOT to fight. He chose instead to sing and march as a way to claim victory! Those around him did not think it was the most wise decision. But Joshua took action for seven days with faith and victory came! So, Joshua’s formula is Faith + Action + Repetition 7 times = Miracle Success.

Ask yourself, how many times in your life have you believed fully and completely in something, so much that you sang about it every day for seven days, marched around in circles proclaiming it it be true! When you can believe like that, when you have faith like that day after day after day… miracles happen, and that is the best way to make it through an initiation – with faith and action. 

So that has been my mindset daily, have faith, take action and keep focused on the goal. I reset my focus every 7 days. This Joshua story has fueled me. I hope it inspires you to keep going too! A miracle can happen in each moment that you are practicing love and faith!

Starting now, you are going to be led through 3 video orientation series! I have poured my heart and soul into each video series. The preparation, delivery and editing each orientation series has been a true labor of love.

VIDEO SERIES I: Pleiadian Institute Orientation 2020 – 2021

VIDEO SERIES II: DNA Activation & Attunement Orientation Series

VIDEO SERIES III: Program Orientation

For the links to these video orientation series, please go to the email just sent out to you!

Our Fall Semester officially begins October 13th!! All students will be receiving a series of emails from our Administrative Office at Pleiadian Institute and from myself over the next four weeks. 



Aimee Rebekah Shea, CHT