PLEIADIAN INSTITUTE is grassroots scholarly institution and branch of Indigo International that brings multidimensional healing practices together with preventative evidence-based holistic health modalities, research and career training.

“We stand at a major threshold in the extension of consciousness, caught in the remolinos (vortices) of systemic change across all fields of knowledge. The binaries of colored/white, male/female, mind/body are collapsing. Living in nepanthla, the overlapping space between different perceptions and belief systems, you are aware of the changeability of racial, gender, sexual and other categories labeling the conventional labeling obsolete… You know the new paradigm must come from outside as well as within the system”. Gloria Anzaldua

We are here to participate in the creation of new paradigm. Join our multidimensional preventative healthcare model to bring transcendent shifts to the health of our earth’s inhabitants. We are a school for the new age of holistic health professionals. Participate from anywhere in the world!

The Time is Now.