Our programs follow both a structured schedule and are self-led. You can begin on any one of our start dates in the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer. Our school and all administrative offices are closed during two holiday breaks every year, once in December – January and once in July, all United States federal holidays and a select number of non-federal holidays that celebrate peace, light and unity. Our school and administrative offices are also closed in the month of August for a schoolwide training every year.



First Day of Summer Semester 3
Summer Orientations 1 – 12
Summer Solstice 20 (School & all offices closed)
Fall Financial Aid Application Deadline 21

Independence Day 3 Federal Holiday (School & all offices closed)
Summer Holiday 4 – 31 (School Closed)

Early Fall Registration 29

Teacher, Staff, Volunteer & Student Support Team Trainings 1 – 28 (School Closed)


Labor Day 6 Federal Holiday (School & all offices closed)
Rosh Hashanah 7 & 8 (School & all offices closed)
Fall Registration Begins 9
Yom Kippur 15 (School & all offices closed)
International Day of Peace 21 (School & all offices closed)
Fall Equinox 22 (School & all offices closed)
Fall Orientations  23 – 30

Fall Orientations 1 – 10
National Coming Out Day 11 (School & all offices closed)
Indigenous Peoples’ Day 11 Federal Holiday (School & all offices closed)
First Day of Fall Semester 13
Spirit Day 17 (School & all offices closed)
Fall Orientations 18 – 22
Samhain 31 (School Closed)

Diwali 4 (School & all offices closed)
Veteran’s Day 11 Federal Holiday (School & all offices closed)
Fall Orientations 15 – 19
Thanksgiving Holiday 24 – 30 (School Closed)
Winter Financial Aid Application Deadline 25
Thanksgiving Day 26 Federal Holiday (School & all offices closed)

Hanukkah 6 (School & all offices closed)
Fall Semester Late Start 13
Late Fall Orientations 14 – 17
Winter Holiday 15 – 31 (School Closed)
Christmas Day 25 Federal Holiday (School & all offices closed)


Early Spring Registration 1

Winter Holiday 1 – 21 (School Closed)
Martin Luther King Day Federal Holiday 17 (School & all offices closed)
Early Winter Orientations 20 – 30
First Day of Winter Semester 29
International Transgender Day of Visibility 31 (School & all offices closed)

Imbolc 1 (School Closed)
Spring Registration Begins 2
Winter Orientations 1 – 10
Lunar New Year 12 (School & all offices closed)
President’s Day Federal Holiday 15 (School & all offices closed)
Spring Sabbatical Begins 28
Winter Semester Late Start 28


Spring Sabbatical 1 – 31
Early Spring Orientations 12 – 18
Spring Equinox 19 (School & all offices closed)
Early Spring Orientations 20 – 24
First Day of Spring Semester 25


Spring Sabbatical Ends 30
Earth Day 22 (School & all offices closed)
Summer Financial Aid Application Deadline 29
Spring Semester Late Start 29

Beltane 1 (School Closed)
Early Summer Registration 2
Summer Orientations 6 – 22
Memorial Day 25 Federal Holiday (School & all offices closed)

We are a non-profit holistic health & educational organization.

Our mission is to deliver holistic treatments, trainings & tools globally to help to protect health, prevent disease & promote wellbeing for all people in all stages of life.

We are dedicated to honoring and serving all people through our philosophy of radical inclusion. 

We welcome adults, teens and children of all races, religions, sexual orientations into our community.

We turn no one away through offering a variety of options to join our community including research studies, scholarships, grants, and work- study programs. If you have found your way here, and you are called to the work we do, then take the leap and join us! We have a place for everyone.

All are welcome here.

We are a heart-centered community aligning with light and love in service to humanity.