Student Experiences

In the words of our students…

‘I’ve felt lighter, connected to something that goes beyond me, I no longer feel annoyed about the things that are going in the world right now. I feel more focused on my own spiritual growth, seeing things deeper and clearer. I still find hard to visualize things in my mind, but I can totally feel the energy washing out my body and soul.’ 



‘I felt a lightness, a clearing and healing energy. I felt I didn’t need to drink coffee and had my natural energy back. I felt a warm energy around me and a peaceful joy. I had been worried about some issues in my life and I suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone and my angels were there. I loved the experience of overall peace this brought to me to renew my strength and faith. Thank you!’ 



‘I have felt more authentic in my own being and have noticed when interacting with others I am not considering them and then confining my own energy in any way, I am not trying to be anything for anyone else and have noticed that people are being more responsive to me, so it really an interesting observation. I am more accepting of how I am, whatever it is without judging it.’ 


‘Aimee had wowed me from the beginning. Starting with her beautiful words, intense insight and compassionate character. I’m wowed beyond this world!’ 



‘Wow! The program and journey together is truly transformational and magical in unexpected ways. Your honesty and comments are very encouraging! Thank you!’ 



‘I have felt great release over the past week. I am also feeling very in tune with my crystals. My dreams have been vivid, and I feel that I am doing a lot of “work” while I am sleeping. My body has required less food and more rest.’ 



‘Mentally I feel like everything is falling into place, physically I feel better than I have in the past.’



‘I’ve been amazed to witness the energy shifts that have been occurring since beginning this class. I’ve been a lot more sensitive to subtle energies already. I find myself more open and accepting. I have been so blown away by the attunements. I have been scheduling them all intuitively rather than concerning myself with what week I’m on. They have been delayed but each time I schedule and discover the content I’m utterly amazed that the focus of the attunement is exactly what I need to receive at that time. I feel encouraged, I feel challenged. I am excited, I am open, learning, expanding.’



‘The masterclass this week was incredibly helpful for me. The past month has been a bit of a struggle for me and I was beginning to feel like I had lost connection to everything, including my higher self. This class could not have come at a more appropriate time for me; it provided me with all of the reminders that I needed. Lately I’ve had a struggle differentiating between my ego and my intuition and this class was perfect for that. Thank you.’



‘I have been experiencing a lot of emotional and mental patterns returning for detoxification. Where in the past I may have pushed these things back down, this week I have been able to use my breath as a tool to go into these places, ask my questions and really gain some understanding and closure as to why these patterns keep cycling through. I really enjoyed learning about indigenous cultures and their perspective on spirituality, shamanism, and crystals. I found the explanation of mesa’s especially helpful in understanding the balance of light and darkness. I am thinking about revisiting my altar and structuring it in such a way that helps me to better integrate both of the light and dark sides of my path.’



‘It hasn’t quite been a week for me, but I am feeling very much in tune with myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. The *mind chatter* has quieted and I am able to simply be in the moment. I found the first attunement absolutely amazing and so inspiring!’ Jomiryz


‘I really enjoyed the process of creating an alter, which I had never really done before. I was able to create a beautiful little space, which I love. I also completed the miracle manifestation masterclass material. It is a new way for me too look at things-the miracle mindset, so it will take some practice, but it is all very positive and seems very possible. I was a little nervous about the first attunement. I didn’t know quite what to expect. It was yesterday. The actual process was very relaxing and healing. I loved the visualization and was surprised at the incorporation of movement into the attunement process, but wiggled my way through it joyfully. Afterwards I felt relaxed, bubbly, and joyful. I also felt warm, cozy, and peaceful.’



‘I have been on a detox mode over the last month ever since I received news I was accepted into this amazing program and have also been practicing being fully focused on the present moment at all times. My energy levels have been amazing and have had an overall sense of peace. My attunement tonight left me feeling very relaxed and light.’



‘I really enjoyed the journey to meet a master guide. I saw her as an old grandma figure, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She reminded me not to be fooled by appearances, and in her case I could sense great strength in the frail looking body. She also told me not to take all of the human stuff too seriously. I could also feel that she was really proud of me, for have great courage and for persisting on this path through disappointment and heartbreak. When I held out my hand, she gave me a Japanese picked plum rice ball. When I left, she turned into an eagle and flew away. I felt a lot of joy after the meditation’