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We serve students all over Mother Earth. Since all our course resources are digital and available as downloadable MP3s and MP4s, and streaming audio and video you can access anywhere. All of our student benefits are offered virtually and we have a dedicated staff located in North America, Oceania and Asia to assist in finding someone to talk to where ever you are and during your normal waking hours 🙂

Our programs are internationally accredited. So, where ever you live, you can be sure that obtaining a certification from Pleiadian Institute will assist you in gaining entry to the field of holistic health in your home country. Our career services assist students all over the world to begin their career as a holistic health professional. We are both invested in research and development of best practices of the telemental health field. Our career services and mentoring programs assist you in beginning or expanding your career wherever you reside in the world through understanding the field of multidimensional healing, distance healing, holistic telemedicine and telemental health and how you can offer holistic services to people who do not live near you through the use of telecommunication services and integrating the current professional standards in the field.

Pleiadian Institute’s scholarships are funded by Indigo Education Foundation. A major initiative of the Indigo Education Foundation is to support holistic health professionals and to improve distance learning opportunities through merit based and need based scholarships to students in the following countries: United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia. If you live in one of these countries and are interested in applying for a need based or merit based scholarship, you can learn more here.

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