Student Support

Each of our programs is self-led and is designed to help you to strengthen your intuition. We have built a supportive web of services for you to guide you through your time as a student at Pleiadian Institute. You will meet monthly with your Student Success Coach and attend monthly Mastermind meetings to keep you in track with your healing journey and to support you as you practice manifesting miracles and take actions to bring your deepest desires into reality. Our student support team is here six days a week to answer questions about your coursework, your healing process and research! Here are all the details!

Student Success Program

Our Student Success Program supports all students in reaching and maintaining a high vibrational state of energetic health and helps students consistently experience peak states of performance. This program includes a combination of livestreams and individual coaching. It weaves together a series of mindsets and habits to support you in creating and maintaining a peak state of energetic health. We will meet weekly in the livestreams and monthly in individual coaching to support you in implementing and practicing the new mindsets and habits.

Student Success Meetings

You have a one hour Student Success Meeting with your Success Coach monthly. We recommend that you schedule all of your appointments for a semester at the same time and on the same day of the week. This makes your Student Success Meetings like a monthly ritual. Student Success Meetings take place : Weekdays 2 pm. – 9 pm. EST. You can also schedule a 15 minute Student Success Check-In any time you need clarity in your journey. Schedule your appointments here!

Student Support Hours

Live Chat Monday – Saturday 12 pm. – 9 pm. EST Click on the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can also leave a message there and we will reply as soon as we return.

Phone Support: By appointment only Wednesday 2 pm. – 9 pm. EST., Friday 2 pm. – 5 pm. and Saturday 12 pm. – 6 pm. EST. Schedule an appointment here!

Email Support You can email in anytime! [email protected]



We are a non-profit holistic health & educational organization.

Our mission is to deliver holistic treatments, trainings & tools globally to help to protect health, prevent disease & promote wellbeing for all people in all stages of life.

We are dedicated to honoring and serving all people through our philosophy of radical inclusion. 

We welcome adults, teens and children of all races, religions, sexual orientations into our community.

We turn no one away through offering a variety of options to join our community including research studies, scholarships, grants, and work- study programs. If you have found your way here, and you are called to the work we do, then take the leap and join us! We have a place for everyone.

All are welcome here.

We are a heart-centered community aligning with light and love in service to humanity.