There is a saying, ‘The breakdown is always before the breakthrough’, and this perfectly summarizes the moment in time as we enter this exciting new year together! I personally am picking up the pieces from the breakdown while simultaneously visioning and putting the structure in place for the breakthrough. 

I am typing this from my son’s computer, which I have on loan for the past 2 weeks. Just as I finished creating and filming more content than ever before, and just as I finished my first week of student meetings for the Fall, my computer stopped working. 

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Happy Summer Solstice & (almost) Cancer Season Master Beings of Love and Light!

Are you ready to open to receive the divine feminine in all of her power and glory!? The sun moves into Cancer today AND we have 2 new moons in Cancer in the next 30 days, one tomorrow on June 21st, and one on July 20th. I feel like this entire year has been ruled by the energy of the Goddess, and this next month she is in her glory 🙂

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Happy Sun in Gemini Master Beings of Love and Light!

We have all collectively moved into alignment with the element of Air, and I feel the movement, the change that air always brings very alive at the moment. I am honored to be alive and to have been born into a life full of blessings and safety and to be doing this work. I feel guided to share a story with you, in honor of this holy season in which we are called to honor each other as ‘messengers of light’.

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Happy Sun in Taurus Master Beings of Love and Light! What a magical way to be welcomed into this season, today there is so much alignment in the skies, my whole body feels lit up by it! I hope you are finding time to align with the cosmos yourself and step outside into all of nature’s glory right now! The birds here at the Seaside Sanctuary are at their PEAK singing game! It is like I am at a concert every morning and throughout the day now, I have identified Robins, Ravens and Cardinals! Magical bird songs fill the days, they sing into the night and their voices are the first you can hear in the morning… it is such a gift! The Seaside Sanctuary is in the corner of a main street here in Dartmouth. There are two schools within a mile and we are next door to a daycare. There has definitely been less traffic since the Massachusetts school closings, and I feel like the birds are loving it!!!!

They have been helping us as we have worked through what is one of the biggest updates we have made to our programs ever, while also helping us as we navigate helping students through this world crisis. Here is an overview of all you need to know right now:

1. We sent out Pleiadian Institute’s plan for the global pandemic, with support for every student. Read it here.

2. We are unveiling our LPHR Competency Model this week, and all syllabi will begin to reflect the new Competency Model Maps! Competency-based education (CBE) has been adopted by leading academic institutions that seek to provide flexible learning opportunities to students. It is a model that we spent a lot of time researching, and you will find that in many ways it aligns with what we are already doing. This model provides more support, structure and opportunity for students to move through our programs at your own pace.

In the LPHR Competency Model, you demonstrate mastery of content in each competency as you progress through four stages: Learn, Practice, Heal and Read that repeat throughout a system of pillars & portals. The model does not require that you do anything more than you are already doing. Instead, the model provides you with a series of MAPS so that you can be more aware of and in control of your progress through your program. It also allows you to earn competencies as you go, progressing towards certification at all times.

Competency is earned after you complete each stage, regardless of time, place, or pace of learning. Our competency-based strategies include online and blended learning, dual enrollment, project-based and community-based learning. This model provides flexibility in the way that credit can be earned or awarded, and provides you with an opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and increase productivity.

I created an e-orientation series, then we withheld it and restructured it to align with the LPHR Competency Model. Thank you for your patience if you have been waiting for the e-orientation series. It is coming, and inside of every program portal, we have created a new section titled ORIENTATIONS, and there you will have access to all of the orientation videos as they become live this week!

The biggest change in this new model is live Masterclasses every week. Every Tuesday you can join one or more Masterclasses, depending on your program enrollment. We will be sharing the schedule for the Masterclasses and all other parts of the LPHR Competency Model this week through the e-orientation series. 

Magic is in the Air! If you have completed your Orientation process and are active in your program, you know that as we move through the DNA Activation & Attunements, we spend 6 days fasting, 3 days before and 3 days after each attunement. To activate your Lightbody, you must move through a series of 10 fasts, which is 60 days in total of fasting over 10 months. This fast is not just from food, but also from media and we disconnect from our physical connection to other people during this time, specifically by practicing abstinence from sexual activity with others, but also by visualizing a high vibrational field of light surrounding us, and only allowing the highest vibrational frequencies in. When you regularly disconnect from all the places you usually go to fill yourself up and put your total focus on your breath and the light, you can feel the energy radiating through the cosmos more clearly. Every time I move into an Activation & Attunement, I am SO grateful that I was taught a practice to connect to and work with the light like this. I encourage you, wherever you are in your process, to rededicate yourself to your Lightbody Activation.

Are you currently engaged in the Lightbody activation process?

Do you have your next DNA Activation & Attunement scheduled?

Do you know what healing exercises you should be moving through every day this week to prepare for your next scheduled DNA Activation & Attunement?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, schedule an appointment today to rededicate yourself.

If your answer was yes…

Have you filled your home with high vibrational frequencies today?

Have you been listening to Diana Cooper’s playlist?

Just a reminder to play some high vibrational music and meditative experiences today!

Here is the resources portal with the playlists 🙂

I am with you in spirit today and every day.






Happy Sun in Aries Master Beings of Love and Light!

It is my absolute favorite time of year! This week we have just moved in to spring in the northern hemisphere! It has been unseasonably warm here in Massachusetts and so the flowers at our Seaside Sanctuary are in full bloom! It makes me smile every day when I walk outside.

We are also experiencing an unprecedented time to ground deeper into our truth and into our light.  Our meditation practice and breathing light through our bodies every day is more important than ever before. I personally love getting any extra opportunity to deepen my practice. It is both my intention and purpose on Earth at this time to inspire you in the days, weeks and months ahead to ground even more deeply than ever before into your own daily healing practices!

To support our continued ascension into the light, this week our Miracle Manifestation Mastermind group coaching begins live again!!! Tonight at 9 PM EST. I will be live leading you into the next season of manifesting miracles together!

Finally, I have shared with many of you in person that I created a new 14-day video e-orientation series. This series is for all students; returning students and new students to help to introduce you and re-introduce you to all of the resources within our program. It is a series of 14 in-depth videos in which I spend time helping you to understand how you can weave together all of our resources and the different modalities you are both training in and practicing with to create your unique journey through your certification program! This e-orientation series will be released to all students tonight.

I am excited! We were born for this! There is no better feeling in life than being in alignment with your truth and practicing your true passion. This work gives us the opportunity to do both, and that is really just the greatest blessing in life!!

I am with you in spirit, practicing every day breathing light through every cell of my body. It is a practice, and everyday we become stronger. Stronger in body, mind, spirit and stronger in our connection to the ultimate source of health and wellbeing; our breath and the golden white light and love and the center of all that is!




Happy Sun in Pisces Master Beings of Love and Light!

We are being supported in all we are doing right now, and we are all being given the next steps in our assignments in our lightwork on Earth. I have personally been doing alot of listening and recalibration of who I am and how I express my energy in the world. I love the way the light is constantly working through me, revitalizing my practice and my experience of life! It has taken more personal surrender over the past month of the way I think things ‘should’ be, and more allowing and being deeply with what is and working through the transformation of that.

This is a time of year that is PERFECT for doing our healing work. As the suns shines on our unconscious minds while we are aligned on Earth with the constellation of Pisces, we are more aligned with and able to perceive all realms of spirit. We are also have more light illuminating our perception of our unconscious minds.

This week, you will receive an e-orientation series. I created this series to introduce you to your program. I created a video each day to walk you through all of the benefits that you have available to you as a Pleiadian Institute student, and also to provide you with a resource that walks you through all of the parts of your journey inside of your program and towards certification.

I am with you in spirit, practicing flowing with the high vibrational light that surrounds me and is within me at all times.




Hello Master Beings of Love and Light!

It is a magical portal we are in right now as we prepare for our passage through the Spring Equinox. This year, this magical portal of time feels different, bigger and more narrow all at the same time. I feel it calling us all to open and focus simultaneously. The energy is intense, but in this beautiful way, like if a flower could feel, all the feelings that come right as the petals are growing inside of the buds, each one so full of color and light, and so ready to come out into the light even more fully. I feel that waiting right now and I love it!!! I hope you are enjoying exactly where you are right now. Allow yourself to fall deeply in love with the present moment, with your daily practice and the sacred container that it creates around you and your life. I am with you in spirit, practicing. I also want to share that we have added additional early morning appointment times for our Student Success Coaching Meetings. And, you can book a short 20 minute Student Success Check-In if you have any questions, if you have not had a meeting in more than a month and want to get on track, or in between your monthly meetings with any questions! Schedule it here!


Welcome to the first day of the Winter Semester!

Over the next 48 hours all students will receive emails from inside of our program portals with links to our new orientation videos. If you have questions about your program the best place to reach out is the Live Chat button on the bottom right-hand corner of this page. Our Live Chat Team is here to answer your questions as they come up daily.

I am grateful to be here with you doing this work. We have many more resources that I will be sharing with you over the course of this week that we have just completed over our winter holiday. That includes our Indigo Meditation Library, Mendelay, Miracle Manifestation Mastermind and Student Success Program.

I am with you in spirit this week. I look forward to connecting with you. The best is yet to come.

Namasté, Aimee



Happy New Decade Master Beings of Love and Light!

We are officially on our holiday break until January 27th. All of our portals are open and operational, and our Live Chat support team is available, and our teacher assistants are available via email, but the rest of our staff, including myself, are off.

I already love everything about the energy of this new year, I can really feel a shift, an opening as we begin this new decade and I look forward to spending time deep in the womb of creation over the next four weeks in deeper connection with this energy. I encourage you to use the weeks ahead as your intuition guides you to. Stay committed to your daily meditation practice, we are all following a calendar in each of our programs now with a daily healing experience designed to help prepare your lightbody for awakening. The best way you can spend your time is by dedicating yourself to breathing light through your body daily within a meditative experience on your healing calendar.

You can decide to move through your portals and complete all of your coursework week by week with no break, or you can take one or all four of these weeks off. Follow your intuition, our intention together is to create an even more open and receptive heart center from which to do our healing work. Spend your time over the next four weeks cultivating that open heart in yourself 🙂

I will be with you in spirit 🙂

Namasté, Aimee





Greetings Master Beings of Love and Light!

Magic is in the air! We are still celebrating Advent this week through the celebration of faith. If you missed the first post on Advent, click on the announcements link below and read it. In short, Advent is a time of waiting for the light, specifically the ‘Christ light’. Last week we practiced hope, this week, we practice faith. In the bible, the stories of how to have faith all involve preparation. When you have faith you PREPARE for the light to come. The mere act of preparing for what you are hoping for is faith in itself! So, we are in full preparation mode for the light here this week! As we prepare for the full embodiment of the light we are practicing faith. A perfect way to spend the week! I also sent an email out this week to help you to commit to your daily meditation practice. For us, meditation is preparation for the activation of our lightbodies. You need a daily meditation practice to prepare your energetic body for the full activation. I am here supporting you in spirit in whatever stage of the journey you are in, we are all preparing for the next level of light together! Namasté, Aimee



Greetings Master Beings of Love and Light!

We have officially entered the Season of Light, my FAVORITE time of year! This is a time to breath the light through our bodies like no other. In my home, we honor Advent. This is the first official week of Advent. Advent is a Christian season, described as a ‘time of waiting’. The word adventus is the latin origin of Advent. Adventus is a form of the verb advenio which literally translates to: arrive, come to, develop, arise and a ripening — all words rich with implications for the energy of the light of Christ. Specifically, in Christianity, there are 3 ‘comings of Christ’: in the flesh in Bethlehem, in our hearts daily and in glory at the end of time. Because our work within the DNA Activations & Attunements is centered upon our connection to the ‘Christ light’, this season gives us an AWESOME opportunity to learn more about Christ’s light. It provides us with guidance about how we can best spend our time while we are waiting for the light to emerge into any area of our life! Advent is usually celebrated with a wreath, which is very pagan in nature and symbolizes the connection we have with all of life and is a symbol of God’s infinite love. There are four candles, one is lit for each week of advent. Each week as we light the candle during Advent, we reflect on a different quality of the light.

This week we reflect on hope. Hope is seed of all miracles. Hope is described as both a virtue and a discipline. One of my favorite quotes about hope is actually from the Bible, and it is: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” To have faith, we must have hope. It actually impossible to have faith without having hope. Hope is a desire and expectation of the goodness to come. Faith is the complete trust and confidence in someone or something. We must practice hope in order to strengthen our faith. So hope is not so much a feeling as it is a practice. We must consciously practice the virtue of hope in every aspect of our lives in order to be fully prepared for the light that is to come. I hope this inspires you to dwell on the virtue of hope in your own life. Let us all dwell this week in the HOPE of the goodness and light and love that is to come in our lives! I am with you in spirit!

Namasté, Aimee.


Greetings Master Beings of Love and Light!

We are on a school wide holiday from November 24th – November 30th. for Thanksgiving. I am with you in spirit breathing high vibrational light through my body every day. I am grateful for you. We have all only just begun! Happy Thanksgiving to you if you live in the U.S.A., and happy days of giving thanks to you whereever you are. I love this time of year. The Pleiades are closest to Earth and easiest for us to connect with in the Sky and we are entering the season of light.

I am sending you a wave of love and light this week, literally! Connect to the Golden Orb in your meditation time and breath it through your body 🙂 I am with you in spirit.


Tonight at midnight PST the Master Energy Healer Certification Portal will be live. Watch your email for the welcome email and your login details. Excitement is in the air here, it is such a beautiful new space!

HypnoEnergy Therapist Certification students can also watch your email for your welcome emails by midnight PST.


This week our new program portals are unveiled. If you have not scheduled a meeting with your Student Success Coach, you need to do that to be set up properly inside of the portals, you can do that here. You will find orientation videos on the home page of your program portal. You will also meet your Teacher Assistant this week and will receive a welcome email. Also, all students will be receiving welcome emails to Indigo Meditation this week. Indigo Meditation is a benefit for all students. It provides you with a library of meditations and energy healing experiences to support your practice.


We have a new feature this week, the system status page. You can find it at the very bottom of the student dashboard in the black section – left column. Here you will find live updates on technical issues inside of our portals. If you go to the system status link, you can find alerts and sign up to receive notifications. You will find orientation videos on the home page of your program portal. You will also meet your Teacher Assistant this week and will receive a welcome email.


This week a new format inside of all of our program portals rolls out. You will find orientation videos on the home page of your program portal. You will also meet your Teacher Assistants, this week they will send you a welcome email. If you have not yet met with your Student Success Coach this month, schedule a meeting now!

9.15.19 The Fall Semester has officially begun! Although you would not know that by looking in your email inbox, as our email server experienced several problems this weekend. It has been a beautiful lesson in surrendering. It reminded me alot of the years I spent in Florida during hurricane season. The hurricane looks bad from the outside, but on the inside, you have no choice but to surrender and it really brings out the best in people, people come together, you discover resources you didn’t know you had, because a crisis does something different to the way your brain thinks. That’s what happened in a smaller way with the email. So we lost 7 days worth of email, and we are still cleaning up after… But there was so much kindness throughout & so many gems that emerged through the process 🙂 There was so much more healing than I could have expected!

The Teacher Assistant for the program you are enrolled in will be the first to email you this week. The program portals are all in the final stages of updating as this announcement posts (9:18 pm. PST). A program orientation video has been created for each program portal, and when the portals update over the next 72* hours you will find the orientation videos on the home page of each portal. *UPDATE

Take time this week to rededicate your sacred space, and to clear and recreate an altar aligned with your highest self. Rededicate a time daily for your meditation and energy healing practice. A dedicated space and time will create a container for the highest vibrational light to ground the most fully and deeply into the cells of your body. I am with you aligning my space and time and I will see you inside the portals! Also… the moon just moved into Aries, with the Sun in Virgo, this is literally what heaven feels like for me! The Sun bringing order, and the moon delivering the fire to get it done! Let’s GO!! 😉 Namasté, Aimee

*If you emailed into student support, admissions or the bursar’s office between 9/7 and 9/14, then your email was not delivered, please find the sent email, copy it and resend it. Thank you!

9.9.19 We will be posting announcements here to support your success as you journey through your certification program! Our DNA Activation & Attunement Certification, Crystal Healing Therapist Certification, Spiritual Intuitive Healer Certification, & USUI Reiki Master Training begins September 14th.