Welcome to the 27th portal!

In tantric philosophy, life-force is called Shakti. Shakti is a sacred force, the primordial cosmic energy, the personification of divine feminine creative power, known as “The Great Divine Mother” in Hinduism.  Shakti manifests through female embodiment and fertility on the earthly plane.

We all have within us this primordial creative life force energy, that feeds the conscious and unconscious mind, and when we are healthy we channel it creatively into a broad range of psychic, creative energies and pursuits.

As life-force energy flows through the conscious into the unconscious from the outside and through the unconscious to the conscious from within, it creates a series of multi-dimensional circular and geometric patterns. 

These circular and geometric patterns emanate from all seven chakra centers and from the energetic field that surrounds human beings.  Our personalities, attitudes, and complexes are shaped by life-force energy; and life-force energy is shaped by our relationships to these aspects of ourselves.

This consciousness can be best visioned through work with the subtle energy fields surrounding the body. The diamond body is comprised of imprints of images, symbols, colors and feelings are created by the energetic centers of the diamond body in interaction with our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states.

The diamond body is an eastern yogic term referring to the subtle body, the layer of energy that surrounds our physical bodies. In metaphysical writings, the diamond body is described as a microcosm of our personal universe. It is a complex and unique geometric energetic pattern that makes up both our subtle and physical bodies. Energy healing and somatic techniques utilize a knowledge of the diamond body in individual and group therapies. Group and individual work with therapies that engage an awareness of and relationship with the diamond body can assist in healing mental, emotional and physical illness and disease.

In this powerful healing experience we work with the energy of both Shakti and Shiva to activate our Diamond Body within a Tantric Healing Chamber & to connect with your divine masculine and feminine nature and into a balance that is more harmonious, supportive and loving. 


1. HEAL: Plan a day and time daily to follow the healing calendar after your daily healing, take out your intuitive journal and lab, record your intuitive experiences with words, images and color. 
2. PRACTICE: Visit the Sacred Discussion Group and share your experience with the Diamond Star Body healing experience!
3. READ: Read the assigned reading for the week following the Read Map. While you are reading, have your intuitive journal open. Write down the words or statements that call out the most to your soul.
4. LEARN: There is no masterclass for this week.