October 5, 2019

11 am. – 4 pm.

Dartmouth, Massachusetts

A day of healing and learning. Experience DNA Activation, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, USUI Reiki and a Spiritual Healing Ceremony.

This OPEN HOUSE is unique in that it is a day of healing. It’s not a drop in kind of OPEN HOUSE, it is a come in to stay for a while and heal kind of event 🙂 It is modeled after our retreats and is designed to give you an experience of the healing modalities we teach within a sacred container of ceremony and meditation.

This is a free event & registration is for the entire day from our opening ceremony at 11 am. to our closing ceremony which ends at 4 pm. 



11 AM

Welcome and Opening Chakra Healing Ceremony

Celebratory Brunch

12 PM

Opening Alignment with the Seven Rays Healing Experience

1 PM

Crystal Healing Experience

2 PM

USUI REIKI Healing Circle

3 PM

Closing Spiritual Healing Ceremony



Aimee is a holistic therapist & meditation artist. Aimee is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master and has been trained professionally in Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Therapy®, crystal healing and mediumship.
Aimee has helped thousands of people heal from the inside out in private practice and in sacred ceremony with small healing groups through hypnotherapy, guided meditation, Angel Therapy® and energy healing.

Aimee en-joys experiencing and sharing divine wisdom from lightbeings, angels, ascended teachers, animal spirits, crystals, herbs and whole foods. She is currently working to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence based scientific research program. Her goal in all her work is to educate and empower individuals to realize transcendent health. Connect with Aimee on Instagram and Twitter. You can also explore all of Aimee’s blog posts on Indigo International.

Is there an age requirement? You must be at least 13 years old to attend our Open House.

Can I bring in outside food? No. There will be food available in between meals if you need it. If you have specific dietary requirements, contact us and let us know.

What if I need to come late or leave early? If you cannot make the opening and closing ceremonies, then we recommend you choose another Open House Date.

Can my husband, wife, partner or children attend with me? Yes. However, your registration is for one person. Each member of your family must register individually if they want to attend.

Blanket, journal, writing supplies, water bottle, layers of clothing. Prohibited are illegal drugs, alcohol, anything you smoke, meat, fragrance or parfum and pets.

This Open House is held at our Seaside Sanctuary in Dartmouth Massachusetts. Free street parking is available.

If you are driving in, please email us after you register at [email protected] We highly recommend carpooling to save time and impact on Mother Earth, we will help to connect you with others who are driving to make carpool arrangements.

If you are traveling with someone who would like to stay nearby, we recommend using Airbnb. You can search in the area and can find very affordable accommodations depending on your needs. Only select homes from Verified Hosts on Airbnb. A verified host has a green check next to their name.