First take time when you start your journal, or after a period of significant absence, to do a brain dump and list all intuitive experiences that were significant to you up to this point in time. Create one page every week in your Intuitive Healing Journal to record your intentions and reflections on your experiences within the healing. 

Your intention may be increased clarity, a deeper connection to your body, improved relationships, financial freedom or greater balance in your life. To tune into the intention that will serve you in the greatest way, take a few minutes to center your body and clear your mind with three deep breaths.

Ask yourself the question:

What do I need the most right now?

Write down the first thing that comes to mind. By setting the intention you connect to the field of energy that already holds the answer to your deepest problem. Then, by working with Spirit and corresponding energetic centers in your body, you tap into the universal wisdom that is always present to solve any problem and to provide you with your deepest desires. There is no intention that is too trivial, or too big for the energy that moves through Spirit to handle.

Keep your intuitive journal by your side as you move through your healing experiences. Mindfully practice scheduling at least 5 minutes to sit with your intuitive journal after your meditation and healing is complete. Allow your creative mind to play within this journal. You can draw your intentions and experiences, you can paint them, express what the healing illuminated. Take a writing instrument that inspires you and write words or draw images that emerge from your healing.