Rachel K. Cardoza Research Library

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Ghandi

Multidimensional Healing Research

The Rachel K. Cardoza Research Library is a supportive professional community and center of research resources that you can use as part of your toolbox for your personal and professional healing practice. It’s a space to deepen your practice within a community of professional healers.

Research Resources

Our extensive research resources help you to dive deeper into the published research that exists on topics including but not limited to meditation, energy healing, transpersonal psychology and spiritual healing. Our resources are designed to help you to use them as part of your toolbox for your own healing practice or research based project.


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Monthly Miracle Manifestation Mastermind Group Calls

Implement simple practices & lifestyle shifts to fully integrate your mind & body with your awakening lightbody. Our Miracle Manifestation Mastermind Group is a time to come together monthly with like minded healing professionals from all over the world! We practice together a miracle mindset and manifestation principles to align our physical reality with our highest self.


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Student success nights happen weekly, this is an ideal time to ask questions about deepening your experience in the course and to ask for resources to help you move forward in any area you may feel stuck. Our live chat is run by our coaches and mentors. There is someone live to answer your questions Monday – Saturday from 10 am. – 9 pm. EST.