9.15.19 The Fall Semester has officially begun! Although you would not know that by looking in your email inbox, as our email server experienced several problems this weekend. It has been a beautiful lesson in surrendering. It reminded me alot of the years I spent in Florida during hurricane season. The hurricane looks bad from the outside, but on the inside you have no choice but to surrender and it really brings out the best in people, people come together, you discover resources you didn’t know you had because a crisis does something different to the way your brain thinks. That’s what happened in a smaller way with the email. So we lost 7 days worth of email, and we are still cleaning up after… But there was so much kindness throughout & so many gems that emerged through the process 🙂 There was so much more healing than I could have expected! 

The Teacher Assistant for the program you are enrolled in will be the first to email you tomorrow. The program portals are all in the final stages of updating as this announcement posts (9:18 pm. PST). A program orientation video has been created for each program portal, and when the portals update over the next 24 hours you will find the orientation videos on the home page of each portal.

Take time this week to rededicate your sacred space, and to clear and recreate an altar aligned with your highest self. Rededicate a time daily for your meditation and energy healing practice. A dedicated space and time will create a container for the highest vibrational light to ground the most fully and deeply into the cells of your body. I am with you aligning my space and time and I will see you inside the portals! Also… the moon just moved into Aries, with the Sun in Virgo, this is literally what heaven feels like for me! The Sun bringing order, and the moon delivering the fire to get it done! Let’s GO!! 😉 Namasté, Aimee Rebekah Shea

*If you emailed into student support, admissions or the bursar’s office between 9/7 and 9/14, then your email was not delivered, please find the sent email, copy it and resend it. Thank you!