Our grassroots holistic healing training & certification programs give you the structure to heal, learn, train & research with practitioners internationally from the comfort of your home. The time is now to be the change we want to see! Read about our philosophy & programs.

Career Training for the
New Age of Healthcare

Our unique certification courses combine online learning with community building retreats and events. Our curriculum is grounded in a transpersonal & preventative healthcare model that honors the spiritual and intuitive nature of the human psyche. To initiate global change, we empower leaders at home through the practice of mindful engagement and commitment to holistic healing. Upon this foundation we provide layers of specific frameworks to help holistic health practitioners to bring the peace and wellbeing you envision into your community or as a national or global initiative. Begin or expand your career with our programs!

Learn About Our Certification & Training Programs

DNA Activation & Attunement
USUI Reiki Master Training
Integrated Energy Therapy
Crystal Healing Therapy
Spiritual Intuitive Healing
Holistic Hypnotherapy
Master Energy Healer
HypnoEnergy Therapist




Everything is Energy. Learn foundational energy heailng practices in three complementary training programs: DNA Activation & Attunement, USUI Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Therapist Certification. 

Spirit is energy and working with the unseen is a key skill that we begin the lifelong journey of mastery of in this course. Expand your energy healing training and practice with our Spiritual Intuitive Healer Certification.

Like all of our certification programs, this program includes our 6 month Transcendent Business Practicum and YLAB Holistic Health Incubator. Our programs are active & engaged! You have a coach and a mentor that provide you with regular support.

In the Words of Our Students…


‘I’ve been amazed to witness the energy shifts that have been occurring. I’ve been a lot more sensitive to subtle energies already. I find myself more open and accepting. I have been so blown away by the attunements. Each time I schedule and discover the content I’m utterly amazed that the focus of the attunement is exactly what I need to receive at that time. I feel encouraged, I feel challenged. I am excited, I am open, learning, expanding.’

- Sarah

Colorado, U.S.A.

Start or Expand
Your Holistic Practice!

Dive deep into our programs in our 2020 -2022 Program Catalog & Student Handbook.

We are a non-profit holistic health & educational organization.

Our mission is to deliver holistic treatments, trainings & tools globally to help to protect health, prevent disease & promote wellbeing for all people in all stages of life.

We are dedicated to honoring and serving all people through our philosophy of radical inclusion. 

We welcome adults, teens and children of all races, religions, sexual orientations into our community.

We turn no one away through offering a variety of options to join our community including research studies, scholarships, grants, and work-study programs. If you have found your way here, and you are called to the work we do, then take the leap and join us! We have a place for everyone.

Unity is Strength.

We are a heart-centered community aligning with light and love in service to humanity.