Our grassroots holistic healing training & certification programs give you the structure to heal, learn, train & research with practitioners internationally from the comfort of your home. The time is now to be the change we want to see! Read about our philosophy & programs.

Career Training for the
New Age of Healthcare

Our unique certification courses combine online learning with a co-op education model that encourages hands-on virtual experiences every other semester.

Our curriculum is grounded in a transpersonal & preventative healthcare model that honors the spiritual and intuitive nature of the human psyche. Our programs are grounded in the philosophies, theories & practices of Transpersonal Psychology, Metaphysical Science, USUI Reiki, Yogic Science, Mindfulness Meditation, Mystery School Teachings, Transcendentalism, Tantric Philosophy, Hypnotherapy, Social Entrepreneurship and in scriptures & sutras of healing from major world religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism & Taoism.

Certification & Training Programs

Crystal Healing Therapy
Spiritual Intuitive Healing
Holistic Hypnotherapy
Master Energy Healer
HypnoEnergy Therapist



DNA Activation & Attunement
USUI Reiki Master Training
Integrated Energy Therapy


In the Words of Our Students…


‘I’ve been amazed to witness the energy shifts that have been occurring. I’ve been a lot more sensitive to subtle energies already. I find myself more open and accepting. I have been so blown away by the attunements. Each time I schedule and discover the content I’m utterly amazed that the focus of the attunement is exactly what I need to receive at that time. I feel encouraged, I feel challenged. I am excited, I am open, learning, expanding.’

- Sarah

Colorado, U.S.A.

Build or Expand
Your Holistic Practice!

Dive deep into our programs in our 2020 -2022 Program Catalog & Student Handbook.