Real People, Real Stories

Understand our courses and programs more deeply through the raw data of our students. This raw data includes a selection of real responses that came from our students over the past 7 years as they moved through our courses and programs.

★ ★ ★ ★

I really enjoyed this course. I now have a solid daily spiritual practice which I can feel my energy drop when I miss a day or two. Both DNA activations were super powerful and created massive shifts/upleveling to happen in my life. I can certainly see myself using the past life regression and inner child healing with my clients. Also loving the chakra work and going deeper into each of them.

Jennifer L.

DNA Activation 102

★ ★ ★ ★

‘It was the most profound release I have yet experienced, and it was absolutely amazing. All the thoughts/beliefs that I have been working on letting go for months, if not years, were stirred up and pulled out like weeds. I saw and felt them rushing up and out of me, with the words all being dissolved in the violet flame. Incredible. Intense. Freeing. The session left me extremely lightheaded (in a good way) and in a blazing good mood throughout the entire day (and beyond). So excited to have had such an intense experience, and definitely looking forward to even more release, purification and enlightenment..’

Ryn G.

Hypnoenergy Therapist Program

Practitioner in Training

★ ★ ★ ★

‘I’ve felt lighter, connected to something that goes beyond me, I no longer feel annoyed about the things that are going in the world right now. I feel more focused on my own spiritual growth, seeing things deeper and clearer. I still find hard to visualize things in my mind, but I can totally feel the energy washing out my body and soul.’ 


DNA Activation & Attunement Program

★ ★ ★ ★

Blast of high vibe energy that I was running around my home...Positive mind and vibes today, felt the need to spend time outside and walk along the beach. Each step I took was mindful and of expressing my gratitude of all the wonderful things in my life. Meditated with Violet Flame & visualized the transmutation of all the challenges since my spiritual awakening and letting the darkness of my past go. I am moving forward, and embracing all of ME.

Dawn F.

Master Energy Healer Program

Practitioner in Training

★ ★ ★ ★

‘I have been experiencing a lot of emotional and mental patterns returning for detoxification. Where in the past I may have pushed these things back down, this week I have been able to use my breath as a tool to go into these places, ask my questions and really gain some understanding and closure as to why these patterns keep cycling through. I really enjoyed learning about indigenous cultures and their perspective on spirituality, shamanism, and crystals. I found the explanation of mesa’s especially helpful in understanding the balance of light and darkness. I am thinking about revisiting my altar and structuring it in such a way that helps me to better integrate both of the light and dark sides of my path.’

Maggie D.

Crystal Healer Therapist Program

Practitioner in Training

★ ★ ★ ★

'Mentally I feel very acute, and emotionally I felt overwhelmed with love, acceptance, like a true light being to the point of happy tears.'

Augustine C.

Master Energy Healer Program

Practitioner in Training




‘I felt a lightness, a clearing and healing energy. I felt I didn’t need to drink coffee and had my natural energy back. I felt a warm energy around me and a peaceful joy. I had been worried about some issues in my life and I suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone and my angels were there. I loved the experience of overall peace this brought to me to renew my strength and faith. Thank you!’

- Mirtza

‘I have felt more authentic in my own being and have noticed when interacting with others I am not considering them and then confining my own energy in any way, I am not trying to be anything for anyone else and have noticed that people are being more responsive to me, so it really an interesting observation. I am more accepting of how I am, whatever it is without judging it.’

- Pamela

Aimee had wowed me from the beginning. Starting with her beautiful words, intense insight and compassionate character. I’m wowed beyond this world!

- Arielle

Wow! The program and journey together is truly transformational and magical in unexpected ways. Your honesty and comments are very encouraging! Thank you!

- Debbi

This has been one of the most altering experiences of my life! Words can barely describe the change I feel in myself. I feel intensely calm, grounded, but yet buzzy!

- Becky

I felt an immense sense of love and healing. I felt Archangel Michael with me. I felt so happy and like things were changing deeply and in an unprecedented way.

- Catalina

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