The ideal preventative model merges eastern and western healing modalities.

Our curriculum honors the spiritual domain of the human psyche.

Our curriculum defines, classifies, cultivates and nurtures the qualities of awe, bliss, transcendence of the self, oneness, cosmic awareness, synergy, sacralization of everyday life, self-actualization, playfulness happiness, joy, love & maximal sensory awareness.

We honor the cultural and historical roots of the people and places we serve.

Empowerment in Action

In order to affect global change, we empower our students to lead through researching, publishing, teaching, speaking and modeling healing modalities & daily practice.

Led By the Intuitive Mind

We honor our intuitive mind and allow our logic to serve our intuition. We seek to assist you to understand yourself and to connect with your greatest teacher – the silent voice within. Our courses assist you in reaching a state in which you can transcend the boundaries of ego and move into a full spectrum experience of transcendent health.

Transcendent Support

We are transcendently supportive.

We provide transcendent support throughout your time as a student and as graduate building and expanding your career. Our student support services coupled with your instructor’s office hours give you someone to guide you through every step of your journey around the clock.

Radical Inclusion

We are radically inclusive.

Radical inclusion is rooted in the belief that all people should have the opportunity to be part of a tribe that honors their individual journeys, fosters spiritual exploration & nurtures the connection to Mother Earth. Through bringing together a community that honors all races, cultures, religions and sexual orientations as part of the same human tribe, we work everyday to be part of the global shift; viewing our world as one. Through embracing the wisdom of our ancestors, we are creating new virtual and physical communities where we turn no one away.

We face a rapidly changing world. Gloria Anzaldua, a Chicano writer, poet and political
theorist paints the picture vividly,

“We stand at a major threshold in the extension of consciousness, caught in the remolinos
(vortices) of systemic change across all fields of knowledge.

The binaries of colored/white,
male/female, mind/body are collapsing.

Living in nepanthla, the overlapping space between different perceptions and belief systems, you are aware of the changeability of racial, gender, sexual and other categories labeling the conventional labeling obsolete...

You know the new paradigm must come from outside as well as within the system.

We envision a future in which all children find it easy to maintain peace, find balance & happiness.

Our children deserve to know how to create and maintain a state of transcendent health as they journey through the stages of life.

Every thought we think, every word we speak

& every action we take in our lives is for our children.

Our World is For Them.