Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

-Mahatma Ghandi

Multidimensional Healing

The Rachel K. Cardoza Research Library is a supportive professional community and center of multidimensional healing resources including meditations, energy healing experiences and masterclasses that you can use as part of your toolbox for your personal and professional healing practice. It’s a space to deepen your practice within a community of professional healers.

Experiential Research

Our extensive research resources help you to dive deeper into the published research that exists on topics including but not limited to meditation, energy healing, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy and spiritual healing. The Rachel K. Cardoza research library integrates expanded topics connected to the modalities students are learning with opportunities to deepen and expand their research practice. Our library is a resource for the next generation of practitioners who are equipped and ready to design and execute innovative solutions in holistic healthcare. We offer access to a wide range of online resources in our library including full text scholarly journal articles, electronic books and other print resources available at any time, from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Plan, Create, & Execute in YLAB Online Incubator

Our resources are designed to help you to use them as part of your toolbox for your own healing practice or research based project. Opening in 2022, the YLAB, an online incubator space for holistic health professionals will be available to all students. The YLAB will integrate with entrepreneurship and social innovation curriculum inside of Pleiadian Institute’s Transcendent Business Practicum. Inside of the YLAB you will experience a series of practicums and practice rapid sustainable implementation of business strategies. The curriculum inspires you to apply an entrepreneurial mindset and effect strategic social change through holistic healthcare treatments and services. You are assigned a mentor as you participate in the practicums inside of the YLAB.

All students are placed in internships with independently licensed practitioners and organizations in the field of holistic health. We provide a portfolio of tools and resources to support career expansion in your field, licensing, professional associations, grant funded research projects and building informal professional networks. You have access to lifetime career services that nurture your work as a holistic health professionals.

Our Communal, Transpersonal & Preventative Health Model

Our programs are grounded in Transpersonal & Liberation Psychology. A leading theorist in the field of liberation psychology, Mary Watkins, PhD, beautifully encapsulates our philosophy:

“The strands of individual, community, cultural, & ecological well-being are held tightly together, & are... necessary to one another. Psychological health... emerge(s) as capacities to create meaning are reignited, hopes are rekindled, & actions forged for achieving peace & economic and social justice.

The hope for peaceful, just, & ecologically vibrant communities that support psychological well-being inspires a set of practices that seek to nourish capacities for dialogue, complex & multifaceted identity formation, critical analysis & action”.

We are stronger together.

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